What is health? Lack of disease or pain? Miriam Webster dictionary describes health like this: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit. Health comes from 5 areas:  nutrition, exercise, sleep, happiness, structural integrity. Eat fast food or fresh locals foods cooked at home? Are you moving?  Walk to work or get off at the closest train station? 8 hours or more of sleep? Anything less and your body cannot recuperate or generate new and healthy cells. Happy? Enjoy life? Take time to be with family and friends? You’ll live a longer life if you do. Lastly structural integrity. Carry a heavy bag on one shoulder? Slump over that computer you are on right now for hours on end? Good posture leads to a healthy spine, do you get your chiropractic adjustments to ensure good spinal function free from nerve interference? All these things contribute to a healthy  and positive lifestyle. Any questions give us a call at 718-377-6363 and we'll help you get there. Make it a great day.

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