Can exercise enhance learning? We know how important exercise to our physical health can be but can exercise help us remember things? Read on :  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/26/how-exercise-can-help-you-master-new-skills/ Read more
  • Exercise and Diabetes
    Earlier this week, ABC World News reported on a Harvard School of Public Health study that shows men who lift weights--combined with aerobic exercise--were less likely to develop diabetes. The Read more
    This Thursday, July 12th, I will be participating in a panel discussion representing Food Cooperatives for the International Day of the Cooperative. It will take place at the United Nations! Read more
  • Happy Father's Day
    Father's Day is here. Our best to all the dedicated dad's out there. Celebrate your time with your kids and have a wonderful day on Sunday. A bit of trivia: Read more
  • Inflammation
    Foods can be inflammatory. The worst offenders are the junk foods. Chips, cookies, junk in a bag. The 2nd worst offenders are, hold on now, grains! Bread , pasta, rice Read more
  • Vitamin D
    This is important news. Researchers found that athletes that have a low Vitamin D consumption, had a much higher incidence of having stress fractures when participating in high impact sports. Calcium Read more
  • Our 30th Anniversary!
      Today is the 30th anniversary of our opening of our practice here on Avenue J!. It is has been an honor and a great privilege to serve our community and Read more
    Happy Valentine's Day. The heart is the classic image of love and what could be more loving than roses and a box of chocolates. So the evidence is in that Read more
    2012 wlll soon be upon us. With the coming of the new year we traditionally reflect on the year past and what we can do to make the new one Read more
  • Take a Walk!
    Take a walk! Seriously, walking has many health benefits and it's the easiest and cheapest way to start an exercise program. Walking helps lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol and your Read more
    Things are back to where they started. In the 1960’s Mohammed Ali trained by sparring, running, shadow boxing, jumping rope & speed bag. In the 1970’s, 80’s , 90’s came Read more
  • Eating Fish Protects Your Heart
    Adults pay attention. Today we want you to know that eating fish is good for your heart. Once or twice a week can reduce your risk of heart attack death Read more
    Lets talk about soda. As early as 1990 it was discovered that unacceptable levels of benzene were in soda. Sodium benzoate, combined with ascorbic acid becomes benzene which is highly Read more
  • More On What Is Health
    We've talked about what is health. Let' s start with food. You've heard the saying , "you are what you eat". It is so true. The choices you make about Read more
    Last weekend I traveled to upstate New York to visit with the high school football teams at camp. The teams were able to train hard in spite of the adverse conditions: Read more
  • Always Learning
    I just attended a very informative seminar on nutrition and wellness. I'll be back with further updates as I need some time to absorb what i have learned! All the Read more

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